Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Popular Campsite in Ohio - Mohican Adventures

Are you ready to break away from the everyday humdrum of life? Would you like to get connected to Mother Nature and have a little fun? Do you think that your kids need to take a break from their electronic devices and the internet? Then we have the perfect place for your fun getaway with your loved ones.
Mohican Adventures is where you want to get down and dirty with camping, picnicking, river rides and a little golfing.
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Monday, November 25, 2013

A Splashing Time at Zoombezi Bay

The best way to enjoy a nice sunny day would be splashing about at a water theme park. Take your Ohio charter bus to Zoombezi Bay, a water park owned by the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium. Situated in Powell, Ohio, this water park was actually once part of Wyandot Lake. When Wyandot Lake closed for renovation, it divided itself into two parts: an amusement park, and a water park.
What can you expect from Zoombezi Bay? 
Basically, Zoombezi Bay is a combination of a water park and an amusement park that is 22.7 acre large! There are 15 water slides for you to choose from, so charter bus visitors can get their dose of adrenaline rush as they propel down the slides. Need more? Then head on instead to the wave pool to get a ride of your life!
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Thursday, October 17, 2013

Backyard Temple that is worth a Detour

When visiting Ohio, one would not expect to see an artist-hippie enclave such as this Temple of Tolerance as it looks like something one would expect to see in places such as Arizona or New Mexico instead. The Temple of Tolerance is actually located in the backyard of Jim Bowsher, the owner of a suburban home in Wapakoneta, Ohio.

To visit this place, you just need to give a call to Jim Bowsher at 419-738-4474. Open daily, this attraction is worth a detour; just let your Ohio charter bus driver know and he can head over towards 203 S. Wood St in Wapakoneta Ohio.

Jim Bowsher, the owner of the Temple, took 18 years to build it. All the space behind Jim’s house is used up to build the Temple and all the satellite shrines around it. You may think the place is small from the driveway, but in fact, his backyard is roughly the size of two dozen standard Wapakoneta backyards as he owns the entire centre of the block.

Since Jim loves to talk and explain all about the Temple, do make sure you have a lot of time to spare in your charter bus Ohio tour. Basically, he designed this place as a retreat for young people to feel accepted where there is no bullying, no drugs, nothing that can create a wedge between people.

The Temple is a squat pile of hundreds of tons of rocks and items made from rocks placed in a circular fashion. The items made from rocks used to make the Temple are such like millstones, lintels, urns and even foundation blocks. Apparently, Jim even carried these rocks all the way back to his backyard by himself from farms nearby.

There are stones steps leading up to the Temple, with green grass and turf surrounding the steps and filling up the crevices since years ago. In addition to the Temple, there are rock megaliths surrounding it, all standing upright in a Stonehedge-like way.

The Temple of Tolerance is always open should you feel curious to visit this backyard of wonder. For those who want to experience the Jim Bowsher guided tour can call ahead to arrange a personalised walkabout. Admission is free so do take the time to explore this little artsy hideout right in the middle of Wapakoneta, Ohio – which is also the birthplace of Neil Armstrong.

Monday, September 2, 2013

Westcott House

Many may have heard of it, read about it but not many may have actually made a trip there to take a look at the Westcott House in Ohio. In fact, it was pretty much a rundown place before it was completely restored and reopened to the public on October 15th, 2005. And if you are one of those who have heard about and read about it but have never seen it with your own eyes, perhaps you should think about planning a trip here with some friends to check out the beauty of the only and only Prairie Style home in Ohio. As you consider calling your friends to join you on this trip, consider also chartering an Ohio bus to bring all of you there, so that you can have the freedom of enjoying the trip without worrying about finding the place or getting lost trying to find it.

Tours at the Westcott House is chargeable and there is a discount for you if you have AAA and the tour begins with an eight minute video on the history and restoration of the home. From the viewing of the video, you will be able to understand and see how run down the house was before it was fully restored into the beautiful home that it is now. After that, you will be taken on a 45 minute tour by a tour guide and most of them have very good knowledge about the house and are very friendly too. You will also be taken to see the sitting area, the kitchen, bedrooms, stables, the garden area as well as the servants’ quarters.

Considered to be a great treasure, the Westcott House has definitely been restored to its former glory and the design was done by none other than the ever well known designer, Frank Lloyd Wright with a touch of Japanese flavour to it too. As you and your friends come down from the Ohio charter bus, you will notice that the entrance to the house is actually on the side of the home and as you enter, there is also a small gift shop inside the home. You can either start your tour of the Westcott House or check out the gift shop first. In our opinion, we always prefer to check out the gift shop at the end of the tour so that we can take our time to see what’s in there for sale and what we can consider buying home with us as souvenirs or gifts. After all, it may not be too convenient to be carrying your purchases with you as you tour the home, so it would make sense to leave visiting the gift shop at the end of the tour, just before you climb back on the charter bus to go home.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Wildwood Manor House, Ohio

If you have never been to the Wildwood Manor House at 5100 W. Central Ave., Toledo, Ohio, you may want to do so before they close the place temporarily for renovations on September 2, 2013 through January 5, 2014. You may be wondering what is so special about this place – well, to find out, you will have to make a booking for a chartered Ohio bus to take you there. While you are making that booking, why not invite some of your friends to come along as well?

Many Ohio charter bus passenger who have been to the Wildwood Manor House only have good things to say about the place. With plenty of picnic tables and a playground, there have even been suggestions that this place is just the perfect venue for wedding receptions – so if you have any friends, relatives or even if you yourself are planning to get married, you may want to consider having it at this beautiful house. They have a hall that is just right for a wedding reception – and if you want to find out more, you can check with the tour guide when you are there on this trip. If you happen to enjoy having afternoon teas, you may want to arrange for your trip to the Wildwood Manor on the first Friday of each month, so that you get to enjoy the privilege of having a cup of tea at the house as well.

Do take note that from now till August, the Wildwood Manor House is opened on Tuesdays to Sundays, from 12 noon until 5pm. The house is said to be truly beautifully decorated for Christmas each year and they have volunteers coming in every year with different themes for each year. In fact, you may even find different Christmas themes in different rooms of the house. However, this year, there will be no of such activity as the Wildwood Manor House will be closed temporarily for renovation works. Without a doubt, we are sure that many people who have visited this place before in the past may be a little disappointed that they can’t be there to see how the Christmas decorations would be like for this year, but we also believe that by the time the house opens up to the public again next year, it will be grander than it was before! So, if you really can’t plan for a trip there this year, it’s never too early to look into your calendar and plan one for next year in an Ohio chartered bus.

Monday, July 1, 2013

Huntington Park

Ohio’s Huntington Park has been named, many times over, as one of the most groundbreaking stadiums in the country and suffice to say, after its completion and introduction in 2009, they are right to be named so. Huntington Park serves as the primary home ground for the Columbus Clippers which has gone on to win many awards, one after another, including the renowned Triple-A minor league and International League. The seventy million dollar project also serves as a major crowd and Ohio charter bus rental attraction for foreigners who would like to witness and experience the sheer energy of a good game in a great stadium. The stadium which is located along the Neil Avenue can seat up to ten thousand and one hundred crowd per game.
To the delight of the residents, fans of the sport and tourists alike, when the first game was played at the stadium in 2009 between the Clippers and Toledo Mud Hens, it was one of the best games in the history of the stadium and game and needless to say, Huntington went on to win significant accolades including being named the Best Ballpark of the Year by renowned experts from There is always an advantage leaning towards the Clippers’ favor whenever another team came on to challenge their abilities but some of the best games ever played in Huntington were the ones where crowds roared their cheers when Clippers won Pawtucket Red Sox in 2010 where twelve thousand five hundred and seventeen fans came to cheer their favorite team on.
Ohio’s famed Huntington Park is primarily owned and run by Franklin County and is carpeted with beautiful natural grass and is worth every single cent spent on running and maintaining it.
It would be a complete waste if the stadium was only used for baseball games, therefore, from time to time, there would be large concerts being held at the premises. On top of hosting large international games almost every year since its inception including the 2012 Big Ten Conference Baseball Tournaments, Dave Matthews Band had a performance in the stadium, using the center field as his stage. The year before, Reo Speedwagon also held a large, spectacularly successful one too.
For those who are unfamiliar with baseball or the culture, it would be simply amazing to feel the energy from the fans and sportsmen alike. It has been named as a leading stadium for a very good reason. One of the main reason it remains to be seen as a great baseball stadium is by virtue of the fact that the stadium is extremely well laid-out and maintained. Parking is sometimes a rather huge problem but for those who are coming in with Ohio rented charter buses, this is an issue you would be thankful not to have to contend with.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Perry’s Victory and International Peace Memorial

There was a time in the American history that is sadly dotted by a lot of fighting, battles and great loss. The battles, both internally and externally, have helped shape the America that it is today...and therefore, they are worth remembering. One of the greatest active American memorial is right here in Ohio and it is called the Perry’s Victory and International Peace Memorial.
The memorial was built to honor and remember those who made great sacrifices during the Battle of Lake Eerie which sadly happened during the 1812 war. The countries involved have all come a long way now but the memorial is a mark in the country’s history and also serve to celebrate the long-lasting peace between Britain, United States and Canada. Ohio charter bus rental customers who are unfamiliar with the war between these countries visited this party bus, charter bus, bus rental tourist attraction were surprised that so much went on during the 1800s.
The memorial itself is an astonishing can see it even as the charter bus that you are riding around in is approaching the looming Doric column which stands at three hundred fifty two feet over the ever-gorgeous Lake Eerie. And here is another fun fact for our readers to digest - it seems that Perry’s Victory and International Peace Memorial remains to be one of the world’s longest standing undefended border in the world. Now, THAT is something worth celebrating.
Charter bus visitors should be ready for some climbing when trying to get into the main exhibit area. There are about four flights of stairs to tackle when you get in....but that is about it. To get to the top of the column, there will be a lift to take visitors to the top. Once on top, the view of the lake is rather hard to describe. Saying that it simply takes your breath away is an understatement.
After undergoing some major maintenance, the towering column is open for visitors all year round and the admission fee is very affordable. The friendly staff is always ready to direct foreign charter bus rental visitors in the right direction, especially those who did not come with pre-booked or pre-ordered admission tickets.
One of the things you should not miss out on is to take loads of pictures from the top of the tower, especially during quiet, summer days. It is relaxing and quite a unique experience. We strongly encourage our charter bus rental customers to book a charter bus with us to visit in a large group so that the visit is comfortable and smooth sailing.