Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Perry’s Victory and International Peace Memorial

There was a time in the American history that is sadly dotted by a lot of fighting, battles and great loss. The battles, both internally and externally, have helped shape the America that it is today...and therefore, they are worth remembering. One of the greatest active American memorial is right here in Ohio and it is called the Perry’s Victory and International Peace Memorial.
The memorial was built to honor and remember those who made great sacrifices during the Battle of Lake Eerie which sadly happened during the 1812 war. The countries involved have all come a long way now but the memorial is a mark in the country’s history and also serve to celebrate the long-lasting peace between Britain, United States and Canada. Ohio charter bus rental customers who are unfamiliar with the war between these countries visited this party bus, charter bus, bus rental tourist attraction were surprised that so much went on during the 1800s.
The memorial itself is an astonishing can see it even as the charter bus that you are riding around in is approaching the looming Doric column which stands at three hundred fifty two feet over the ever-gorgeous Lake Eerie. And here is another fun fact for our readers to digest - it seems that Perry’s Victory and International Peace Memorial remains to be one of the world’s longest standing undefended border in the world. Now, THAT is something worth celebrating.
Charter bus visitors should be ready for some climbing when trying to get into the main exhibit area. There are about four flights of stairs to tackle when you get in....but that is about it. To get to the top of the column, there will be a lift to take visitors to the top. Once on top, the view of the lake is rather hard to describe. Saying that it simply takes your breath away is an understatement.
After undergoing some major maintenance, the towering column is open for visitors all year round and the admission fee is very affordable. The friendly staff is always ready to direct foreign charter bus rental visitors in the right direction, especially those who did not come with pre-booked or pre-ordered admission tickets.
One of the things you should not miss out on is to take loads of pictures from the top of the tower, especially during quiet, summer days. It is relaxing and quite a unique experience. We strongly encourage our charter bus rental customers to book a charter bus with us to visit in a large group so that the visit is comfortable and smooth sailing.

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